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 Hey guys, i just made a new website, and i hope youll all consider checking it out 

it's called You're Not Alone

It's a place where you can email me, at any time, to talk to me. To vent, to get advice, to anything. To just have a friend at any time. Completely confidential. I'm pretty much a loner, but I am a psychology major and I really love to talk to people, listen to people vent, etc. Just come and send me an email and say hi at the least. It would really put a smile on my face. And hopefully yours.

~Sincerely, Me

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What would you do if you knew something terrible about someone's life and they didn't know that you knew. However, you know how much it's ruining their life and how horribly they're dealing with it. It will probably make things really awkward, uncomfortable, and could possibly ruin your friendship with them. But, you're worried about them and want to help them. Do you tell them you know and try to talk to them about it? Or do you continue to keep your mouth shut and pretend you don't know?

Sick of it.

So, here are a few things I'm sick of:

1. I'm sick of my friend Danny always judging me.
2. I'm sick of being at school & I turn around & see my ex-boyfriend and I just want to die.
3. I'm sick of everyone trying to make me eat.
4. I'm sick of everyone trying to make me go to a shrink (although I secretly want to go to one).

Last but not least:
5. I'm sick of being miserable with no reason.
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