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Life, Drugs, Sex, Politics, Death, Love, Etc.
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A community to share stories, views, and frustrations about life.

This is a community for people to share stories, frustrations, questions, etc about life. I created this community because I'm a person who thinks too much, worries about death too much, and has a lot of discouraging things happen to me. I'm always looking for people to share my stories with and discuss life. This is basically a place for anything that you need to get off your chest or simply want to talk about.

Things that are welcome in the community:

  • Stories about something terrible that has happened to you to get feedback, inspiration, advice.

  • Questions about how to deal with a problem that you may be having.

  • Venting about something that you're frustrated with.

  • Complain about something that's happening to you.

  • Inspirational stories and stories about good things that have happened to you.

  • Share ways that you deal with stress and everyday struggles of life.

  • Discuss life in general, religion, society, the "meaning" of life, etc.

  • Rants about things you hate, pet peeves, annoying things in general.

There are no restrictions about what you post. It can really be anything as long as it is something meaningful. Examples: Relationships, love, death, friendships, money problems, music, work, politics, society, etc.

The only rule is to respect everyone. Do not ridicule someone for something that they post. You can be brutally honest and be an asshole, just as long as you respect their opinion while doing so. :)